Field trip Mali
Presentation of the global issue at the STP (in French)

Panelists’ presentations

PANEL: After Kyoto, which strategy to cope with climate change?
Part 1 : Introduction by Jean Fabre (former UNDP deputy director) and speech by Martin Beniston (Head, Climatic Change and Climate Impacts (Unige), IPCC member)

Part 2: speech by Reid Basher (senior coordinator of the policy development unit, UN-ISDR) Reid Basher’s presentation 310809
Part 3: speech by Walter Fust (CEO of Global Humanitarian Forum – Geneva)

PANEL: Long-term ecology VS. short term politics?
Part 1: Introduction by Daniel Wermus (Media21) and speech by Someswhar Singh (Communication director, Green Cross International)
Part2: Speech by Jean Fabre (former deputy director, UNDP)
PANEL: Is sustainable development economically viable?

Oliver Rapf’s presentation 010909

PANEL: Population and Climate Change
Part 1: Speech by Siri Tellier (former UNFPA director) Part2: Speech by Karen Newman (Coordinator of Population and Sustainability Network)Karen Newman’s presentation 01 01 09
Part 3: speech by Geneviève Ferone (director of sustainable development)Geneviève Ferone’s presentation 010109

PANEL: Will new technologies save the planet?
Part 1: Speech by Mannava Sivakumar (Acting director, Climate Prediction and Adaptation Branch, WMO) Mannava Sivakumar’s presentation
Part 2: Speech by David Heering (Monsanto, Technology Development Lead)David Heering’s presentation
Part 3: Speech by Chaim Nissim (Noe 21) Chaim Nissim’s presentation
Part 4: Speech by Hervé Guilcher (Hewlett Packard, Environmental programs director) Hervé Guilcher’s presentation

PRESENTATION: Digital weather forecasting: communication of uncertainty
Speech by Pierre Eckert (Meteo Swiss, Geneva)
Part 1: Part 2:
Pierre Eckert’s presentation

DEBATE: Addressing climate issues during weather forecast presentation?
Speech by Nadia Zyncenko (Meteorological Services Argentinal) Nadia Zyncenko’s presentation
Speech by Solomon Yohannes (Meteorological Services Ethiopia)Solomon Yohannes’s presentation

SPEECH: Contribution of other gases (than CO2) to climate change, by Achim Steiner, UNEP executive director

WMO fact sheets:

Fact sheet 1 – Climate information for reducing disaster risk
Fact sheet 2 – Climate information for protecting human health
Fact sheet 3 – Climate information for managing water needs
Fact sheet 4 – Climate information for securing food
Fact sheet 5 – Climate information for transport and tourism
Fact sheet 6 – Climate information for a healthy environment
Fact sheet 7 – Climate information for sustainable energy


Geoengineering, article from the Encyclopedia of Global Change, by David W. Keith.
Time to adapt? Media coverage of climate changes in nonindustrial countries
, by Mike Shanahan (International Institute for Environment and Development).
Overview of the Climate Change issue
written by Media21.
Media as partners in education for sustainable development : a training and resource kit, by the UNESCO.


Free ressources for journalists covering Climate Change
Ambiente News
Pew Center on Global Climate Change (U.S.A.)
California Climate Change and Energy, education Resources Catalog (U.S.A.)
US environmental Protection agency (U.S.A.)
NASA website on Climate Change (U.S.A.)
Climate Change from BBC Weather center (U.K.)
Climate Change section on the BBC (U.K.)
Climate Change section on The Guardian (U.K.)
Climate Change Section on The New Scientist (U.S.A.)
Climate Change section on CBC News (Canada)
The European commission campaign on Climate Change (European Union)
Flyp : A very good multimedia report on geoengineering
Climate Change on Encyclopedia of Earth (U.S.A.)
The International Research Institute for Climate and Society (U.S.A.)
University of Geneva climate website (Switzerland)
Ochieng Ogodo blog (Kenya)


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