PARTICIPANTS – Climate IV sept 2009

ADDIS Eyader – Ethiopia – Africa News


Specializing in science reporting, I freelance regularly for newspaper and online publications since 2007. Having done my first degree in literature from Addis Ababa University, I got my first big break when I secured a job in journalism at Addis Ababa Mass Media Agency (1994-1999). My news presentation, and climate & environment radio shows with Radio Ethiopia (1999-2005) enhanced my popularity next to Addis-Lissan newspaper. That fame followed me even when I transferred to Lambadina newspaper in deputy editor in chief position (2005-2006). I then took over the editor and director position of Araya magazine (2006-2007), a position I held until I moved to become a freelancer. My representation of local media personnel at regional networks, i.e. ANEJ and NECJOGHA are real proofs for my active intervention in the dissemination of climate issues.

ADEODATO Sergio – Brazil – Horizonte Geografico Magazine


Journalist since 1985, Sérgio Adeodato is recognized for his performance in the areas of environment, sustainability and technology. Worked on national circulation brazilian’s vehicles, as the newspapers O Estado de S. Paulo and Jornal do Brasil and the magazines Globo Ciencia e Época. For this work, won awards for journalism (Ethos Award for Jornalismo/2005; Docol Award of the Ministry of Environment Ambiente/2005 and 2007; Bracelpa Award for Journalism and Sustainable Development/2007; Award Report on Biodiversity of the Atlantic Forest, promoted by the International Conservation/2007; Award ANA/2008). He is the author of the book “Murdered Amazon” (2006), “Art of Recycling” (2007) and “Recycling — Yesterday, Today, Always” (2009)

AKAKPO-AHIANYO Etonam – Togo – Afrique Agriculture, Le marché


Etonam AKAKPO-AHIANYO is journalist correspondent of Afrique Agriculture Magazine and Syfia International News agency for Togo and Ghana. He works as journalist since 2001 in print, photojournalism, and radio. He also collaborate with many international medias such as Infosud Suisse, agricultural revue Spore and the pan African monthly, Continental. Master 1 degree in Communication and Marketing and holder of High National Certificate in Journalism, Etonam who speaks well French and fluently English is the Editor of the Togolese economic monthly « Le Marché ». Fascinate by development issues, Etonam AKAKPO-AHIANYO is writing a book titled: “Climate Change: Time for media’s commitment”.

BOTNARU Petru – Moldova – Adevarul, Terra-1530


1978 – 1983 Moldovan State University, Chisinau,  I graduated from Moldova Journalist Department. I Worked for two publications about 16 years, in Calarasi and Straseni. Starting from June 30th, 1999,  I am editor of the publication “Adevarul” (Truth), which is printed in English, Russian and Romanian.

We have the mission to create and consolidate the capacities of the Sustainable Development of rural communities. NGO “Terra-1530” is an umbrella – organization for other 18 ones. It is a member of some European / International Networks, such as: Central and Eastern European Citizens Network ( ).

We are partnering with the Local Public Administration, economical agents etc. We have partners from abroad, such as Bulgaria, Russia, Slovenia, Ukraine.

DE ROULET Pablo – Switzerland – Le Courrier


I have been working at Le Courrier, a Swiss daily newspaper, since October 2008. I have focused on a diverse range of national and international news, in areas including politics, urbanism, the legal system, education and the environment. I also have a number of years of experience as a substitute teacher for different disciplines in the Geneva public sector.

I graduated from the University of Geneva in June 2008 and hold an MA in History. My studies included substantial components of Geography and Arabic. More specifically, my main focus has been the modern history of Latin America and the Arab world. My MA thesis analyzed the role of a Swiss solidarity movement in the Western Sahara conflict.

DIARRA Soumaila – Mali – L’Aube

pic_ Soumaila_Diarra

Soumaila T. Diarra is a malian journalist born in 1977. He grew up in the small village of Massantola, relocated in the north of Mali at 150 km from Bamako, the capital city of his counrty. Soumaila’s passion for journalism begun in 2004, once he obtained a Bachelor’s of Art in history at the University of Bamako. Now he is a freelance for local newspapers and the correspondent of Syfia International and Sporo magazine.

EMTAIRAH Ola – E.A.U. Dubai – Al Arabiya,


In September 2007, I joined Al Arabiya News Channel, MBC Group, Dubai Media City in the capacity of Writer/Reporter. My duties include, among other things, writing, editing, translation and broadcasting international news. In my two-year stint with MBC, climate change has been in the spotlight across the globe. In the course of highlighting this serious issue, I produced many reports and video wall presentations utilizing 3D graphics and pictures in a bid to attract the viewers’ attention to the gravity of this phenomenon. From 2005-20007, I worked for Emirates Today Newspaper as a Journalist, and my duties included a wide spectrum of assignments including covering local news on environmental issues, and the judicial system of the UAE. I have several articles and columns published on Emarat Times; a Dubai government-owned web portal.

GERDES Justin – Denmark – Copenhagen Climate Council, Mandag Morgen


I am an American writer and editor from San Francisco, California, who specializes in climate change and energy policy. Currently, I serve as the Journalistic Web Editor for the Copenhagen Climate Council (, based in Copenhagen, Denmark. In this role, I also contribute feature stories to Monday Morning, the influential Danish news weekly magazine. This year, I covered the International Scientific Congress on Climate Change, in Copenhagen, in March, the UNFCCC climate change talks in Bonn, Germany, in April, and I will be here in Copenhagen in December to cover COP15. Previously, I served three years as Editor-in-Chief for Flex Your Power, California’s statewide climate change and energy efficiency education campaign, based in San Francisco, California. There, I edited and was chief writer for all editorial content, including a blog, e-mail newsletter, policy papers, and best practices guides. Before this, I served on the editorial staff for the magazine of The Commonwealth Club of California, a public affairs forum also based in San Francisco. My journalism career started with an editorial fellowship with Mother Jones, the San Francisco-based award-winning investigative journalism bi-monthly magazine.

HACK Tobin – U.S.A – Mother Nature Network, Sierra Magazine


I’ve been on the green media beat for almost four years, ever since graduating from Princeton University in 2006 with a degree in English (extra focus areas in Creative Writing and Dance). I got my start in radio, as an assistant producer for NPR’s Living On Earth, then moved on to become an associate editor at Plenty Magazine (environmental lifestyle). At Plenty, I edited our two page books/films/music reviews section, our back page essay (contributors I worked with and edited included Rick Moody, Ann Packer, and Sloane Crosley), our humor column, and a cover story (“Stuff Environmentalists Like”) by humorist Christian Lander. During my two years at Plenty, I also wrote political and environmental justice news pieces, daily green living blogs, film and book reviews, and lifestyle and political satire for web and print. I’m now freelancing from my NYC home base, where I put my radio, video, print, blog, and new media experience to good use.

LEAHY Stephen – Canada – Inter Press News Service


An independent environmental journalist for 15 years, my writing has been published in dozens of publications around the world including New Scientist, The London Sunday Times, Maclean’s Magazine, Earth Island Journal, The Toronto Star, Wired News, Audubon, BBC Wildlife, and Canadian Geographic.

I am the international science and environment correspondent for the Rome-headquartered the world’s 6th largest global news agency.

My IPS articles are published in over 500 newspapers and magazines all over the world reaching an estimated 200 million readers in up to 20 languages. IPS news is also broadcast by over 1000 radio stations, potentially targeting over 150 million listeners.

LESPINASSE Colette – Haïti – Radio Kiskeya

pic_colette_LespinasseColette Lespinasse is a Haitian journalist and manager.   She has a long experience in communication, social animation, and the defense of women’s and migrants’ rights. For more than twenty years, she has militated in favor of an improvement of the relations between Haiti and the Dominican Republic, two countries that share the second largest islands of the Caribbean -which is called Haiti by the Haitians, and Hispaniola by the Dominicans.

As a journalist, Colette Lespinasse publishes articles in national and international reviews such as Lambi in Belgium, Ayiti Fanm in Haiti. Since 1994, she features a program for women on a radio station of the capital, Radio Kiskeya. She regularly writes articles on the website of the GARR about migrants’ rights and refugees, and pronounces conferences on those same subjects. She collaborates from time to time with another online media, Alterpresse ( of the Group Médialternatif (GM) which has won an international reputation.

Between 1991 and 1994, period which followed a bloody coup d’état in Haiti, in order to bypass the censorship and restrictions on the right to information imposed upon the population by the military, Colette Lespinasse collaborated in the production of  cassettes of news which were regularly distributed throughout the country to keep the population informed about what  was occurring. During the period of the dictatorship of Jean Claude Duvalier (between 1982 and 1986), she was a journalist at Radio Soleil, one of the rare stations which had dared to defy repression and to defend the freedom of information.

LIVEN Ido – Israel –


Reporting from Israel, Jordan, Germany and Croatia I’ve been covering mostly environment and foreign affairs, writing about a variety of topics: from biodiversity and open lands, through activism and green politics, to marine pollution and public health – all involved comprehensive research and revealed new aspects of local and international concern.

Feature stories, opinion articles and news items of mine have been published on a large number of Israeli media, both print and online, including Masa Acher magazine, the daily newspaper Haaretz and Israel’s prominent news website Ynet. However, my works have also been published on international publications such as Südwind magazine, Die Welt newspaper, news website, Toronto Star newspaper and the IPS news agency.

Further information and samples of my work can be found on my website:

NANDI Jayashree – India – The Times of India


As an environment correspondent with The Times of India, I enjoy exploring the issues I am most passionate about. My job involves covering forests, wildlife, and environment including urban issues like air and water pollution. Before joining The Times of India, I have worked with Greenpeace India as a communication officer for about two years, focusing on the climate and energy campaign. I have written chapters for reports like ‘The True Cost Of Coal’ and several other papers. As a journalist, I have written about human-animal conflicts in protected areas, changes in micro and macro climate, impacts of climate change in Karnataka, renewable energy, energy efficiency, green cover in the city, water scarcity and contamination and other related topics.

I am looking forward to this conference and field trips because as correspondents for urban areas, we face challenges in reporting climate impacts. It will be very useful to interact with international journalists and share inputs and to explore affected zones. I am 24 years old and work out of Bangalore.

NDIAYE Papa Noumou – Suisse –,


I am Journalist RP with 6 years of experience, I graduated from Master of Arts (University of Freiburg Switzerland): Sociology of Media, Ethnology, Journalism and Medias.

I have collaborated with some Swiss Medias and NGOs (Journal du Jura, NGOCongo), currently French Editor at ICV (Geneva) and Reporter Bluewin Portal. I am the founder of (media online: site in construction). I was teaching for years in Senegal, Mauritania and Gambia.

NJIRU John Muchangi – Kenya – Nairobi Star Newspaper


I am a 29-year-old Kenyan science journalist. I work with Radio Africa Media Group as a features writer-cum-sub editor for Nairobi Star daily newspaper, while also making reports for Radio Jambo Talk Radio.

I have reported on environment, agriculture, health and developmental issues since 2005 at Nairobi-based People Daily newspaper where I worked as the Science Editor, before moving in 2007 as part of the pioneer team at Nairobi Star – currently Kenya’s third biggest Daily.

My interest in climate change is informed by the fact Africa stands to suffer the most effects of global warming and climate change yet there is little dialogue and understanding of this issues among the public and policy makers. My audience stands at more than 10 million people and my vision is to create awareness and facilitate enactment of proper environmental policies across East Africa

PICKERING Sarah – Denmark – Copenhagen Climate Council, Mandag Morgen

pic_Sarah_pickering I am an issue-driven writer and communications specialist of six years and a journalist/freelance journalist, with 11 years experience, currently working in Denmark for the Copenhagen Climate Council.

My international experiences span both the Northern and Southern hemispheres covering a range of high-profile issues. I have reported from the ground or remotely on the work of disaster relief teams fighting the devastating effects of climate change, most recently in Bangladesh and Myanmar. Likewise, I have covered high-profile ministerial meetings and organised press conferences, and report launches, as well as writing features, web copy, and news releases, that are picked up by international broadcast and print media – from the Wall Street Journal to CNN, the Financial Times, China Post and more.

SAMULAT Gerhard – Germany – Spektrumdirekt, GEO


As a German freelancer I am writing stories about science and technology. I always try to give attention to stories where people are in the center. This is because I consider science and technology is made from men for men (or women as well!).The stories I am writing should always touch the triangle of science (or technology), economy and ecology. I know these fields very well because I worked in all of them: as a physicist at an particle accelerator (DESY), for industry (AEG, Frankfurt Fair) and for an institute for ecological and economic forecasting (Fraunhofer ISI). Today I am writing stories for German online and print magazines like GEO or Spektrum der Wissenschaft (the German edition of Scientific American), Technology Review or even economic magazines like WirtschaftsWoche. My stories often center on energy, transportation and global changes.

I am member of the German science journalist’s association Wissenschafts-Pressekonferenz (wpk), the German Journalist’s Association (DJV, hjv) and the European Union of Science Journalists’ Associations EUSJA. I am almost 50 years old now, studied physics with specialities in computer sciences and biophysics in Hamburg where I was born.

SCHACHT Rüdiger – Germany – Die Welt

pic_rudiger_schachtI am a marine geologist, working as a freelance science writer for about 6 years. I am working for several newspapers, magazins,ecology groups (e.g.  GREENPEACE) and as a researcher for several international companies. As a geologist, took part on several ship expeditions e.g. in the Arctic and the southern and northern Atlantic Ocean.  As a science writer, I am publishing articles about climate change, marine science.


YOHANNES Solomon – Ethiopia – National Meteorological Service


My name is Solomon Yohannes. I was born in 1965 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. I am married and have one daughter. I also have three brothers and three sisters. I joined the National Meteorological Agency of Ethiopia in 1987 being as meteorological observer. I got my BSc in Mathematics from Kotebe Teacher Training College in 2001. Then, I went to India in 2002 and attended an advanced meteorology course for one year. After accomplishing the one year intensive course, I have returned back to NMA and assigned as meteorologist in weather analysis and forecast centre. In addition, I have post graduate diploma in Computer Science. Currently, I am in charge of public weather services and National focal person with WMO concerning public weather services of the National Meteorological Agency. I have been serving as weather presenter at the national TV and Radio since 1996.

ZYNCENKO Nadia – Argentina – National Meteorological Service

pic_nadia_zyncenko.jpgNadia Zyncenko was born in Italy on May 26th, 1948 and moved to Argentina the same year. She grew up in the suburbs of Buenos Aires, and once she finished her primary and secondary studies, she moved to Buenos Aires city. Having been granted a scholarship, she studied at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires  where she graduated as a Weather Forecaster. In   March 1968 she started working at the National Meteorological Service (NMS)  and  in April 1976 was promoted to the Press and Public Relations Department of the NMS. In 2000 she was appointed Chief of the Meteorology office of the local airport and in January 2003 , Chief of the Press and Public Relations Department of the NMS.

Nadia also participated as an expert in the Public Weather Services Expert Group on Education Meeting in Geneva in March 2006 and in the Experts’ Meeting in Supplement to Guidelines on Meteorology and Air Quality Forecasts in New York in 2006 and in the Globe Programme,  Buenos Aires 2006.

From 1981 to 1991 Nadia worked as a weather reporter at a private T.V. Station, and since 1992 has been working for the National T.V. where she keeps enjoing being the link between the NMS and the General Public.


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