Media21 will organize its 25thjournalist workshop on global issues during the 1st Conference ofAfrican ministers responsible for meteorology, by WMO and the African Union. This will be a frame to report on the impact of climate change in Africa, and the answers for a sustainable agriculture that will be shown during field visits in the region. The workshop and fieldtrip will tap a great amount of expertise and experience that is present in Nairobi. Innovative solutions will be publicized, such as an insurance system against climatic risks.

Some panels will also feature the sharpconclusions of IAASTD (International Assessment of Agricultural Knowledge,Science and Technology for Development: www.agassessment.org),a global 2000 pages report prepared by 400 experts that can be compared to the IPCC report on Climate change. It appears as a road map towards sustainable food production in order to cope with population growth and climate change, with newknowledge to fight poverty, hunger, diseases, etc.

The focal point of the workshop will be the role of media in passing down scientific assessments to small farmers, ruralpopulation and decision makers. This will require a discussion on the necessary language and story-mapping in order to reach out to the population. Local and regional journalist organizations will collaborate with Media21 on this.

Media21 is a Geneva-based initiative launched in 2006 by a team of international journalists to expand and improve media coverage of key global issues, including climate change, the environment, human rights, migration, peace-keeping and security, public health, trade, corporate social responsibility.

En français :

Media21 est un réseau international de journalistes à but non lucratif. Depuis décembre 2006, 19 ateliers ont été organisés sur des thématiques variées  (droits de l’Homme, changement climatique, paix, santé, aide humanitaire, alimentation, eau). Ils ont fait interagir 309 journalistes de 85 pays avec 400 acteurs internationaux de l’ONU, des ONG, des entreprises et de l’Université.


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  1. Trying to find partners
    One of the most stringent problems of the Moldovan society at the moment, especially of the rural society is the absence of the access to information or limited access to the public information.
    The right to information is fundamental, and limiting it, or even enclosing it, is an infraction of the human rights. Even if it is not declared by the official institutions, this is the situation of the absolute majority of the rural localities from Republic of Moldova. But in a society that is not informed, the public authorities can easily camouflage the inactivates or even the anti popular actions in the most cases.

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