USA: Human tsunami to reduce carbon emissions by 80%

Among all the crazy environmentalist demonstrations, the Campaing Step Ip Up launched in 2007 in the U.S.A. was very striking with its huge human wave. At the time when George Bush was still president, they asked for an 80% reduction in carbon emission by 2050. Tobin Hack, member of  the Media21 journalists network, made a video report on this uncommon activism from Battery  Park in Manhattan (NY) .

“In 2007, the PlentyTV team went to Battery Park, Manhattan, to Step It Up for an 80% reduction in U.S. carbon emissions by 2050. We spoke with writer, environmental activist, and Step It Up leader Bill McKibben, and got in line with a blue-clad Sea Of People to form two huge waves along Pearl and Church Streets, right where lower Manhattan tidelines will be if oceans rise the predicted 10 feet.
Step It Up included rallies in over 1,300 communities, and was the largest grassroots environmental protest since Earth Day 1970.”

Plenty Magazine: Step it Up 2007 at Listal

pic_tobin_hackBy Tobin Hack, American member of Media21 network :

“I’ve been on the green media beat for almost four years, ever since graduating from Princeton University in 2006 with a degree in English (extra focus areas in Creative Writing and Dance). I got my start in radio, as an assistant producer for NPR’s Living On Earth, then moved on to become an associate editor at Plenty Magazine (environmental lifestyle). I’m now freelancing from my NYC home base, where I put my radio, video, print, blog, and new media experience to good use.”


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