India : Toilets for all !

Toilettes à un poste de police dans la régions du Ladakh en Inde. Par Yodod (Flickr)

Toilets at a police post in Ladakh region, India. By Yodod (Flickr)

Have you ever thought of toilets, or the lack of proper toilets, as one of the main causes of environmental pollution? It might be seen as a trivial issue, however in a chaotic city like Dehli, India, where millions of people are living, this is a crucial point.

Kennedy Jawoko, member of the Media21 network and journalist for CBC (Canada), recently went to India where he made a radio report about environmental sanitation, more  specifically on the local initiatives in Dehli aiming to  strengthen  the public toilets network and educate the people to use them.

Website of the international museum of toilets in Delhi :


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